"It is my mission to, show the world it is possible to have a great time traveling, and being sustainable at the same time."

First of all, I pretty much never do things the easy way, well unless I'm being lazy, and I don't like being lazy, but it does happen. This project of mine is definitely not the easy way. Easy would be flying into LAX getting a taco, and a rental, driving to vegas for a week or two, seeing some shit, taking the rental back, flying back to BNE and remembering the whole experience for what it was, most likely a great holiday. I don't know exactly why I don't just do that, but I have a pretty good idea. Right now, I realise I sound like an angry vegan (better than you) and that's maybe not a great way to start this description. I don't think I am better than you and I urge you to read on to find out why. 

Since 1890 humans have toyed with the idea that we can get around using electricity as an energy source, rather than oil and gas energies, despite having to overcome many fossil fuel strongholds throughout the last century, in the current vehicle market people are actually interested in purchasing and driving electric vehicles. In fact it may have even become cool to drive an electric vehicle, turn up in a Tesla Model S to a production car race meet (or anywhere really) and you'll blow the place apart. I believe this paradigm shift is great, not just because EV's are potentially unbelievably fast, but just cause they are better. Lets just face it, and get to the point here, my main reason for choosing to do this trip in an EV is because I am a dirty hippy and I love the environment, there I said it! Our transport habits are reeking havoc on the natural and urban world, pollution, climate change, oil extraction industries, you could say we are not doing so well as a global society when it comes to that sort of stuff. EV's now a days use large battery packs for their stored energy, made from various substances found in locations all over the world, they are more efficient and less impactful on our world. Even if the primary source of energy of an EV is coming from coal fired power plants EV's are still winning when compared to ICE vehicles, in regards to emissions and efficiency. Current understanding in the industry suggests that in total (from production to the end of its product lifecycle) an EV uses two thirds of the energy to get the same distance as an ICE vehicle, and with their increasing popularity and more and more developments in the renewables sector worldwide this emissions gap is only going to become larger between the two. In my case pretty much all of the energy sourced for the the van from AK to ARG is going to come from the sun, through solar panels. I definitely haven't crunched the numbers yet, but I'm pretty sure that is going to put my van into boss mode when it comes to being a mean green roadtrip machine.


On a more personal note, I love traveling, I love getting on a plane flying a long way away getting a car and just going for it. I also love to try and live a sustainable lifestyle and well it's all a bit contradictory, I'm supposed to be this long haired free spirited dude who cares about the state of the planet and the impact I have on it, but in reality I have a huge impact on the world. I come from Australia, we are one of the worst countries per capita in regards to our carbon footprint, we are winning the game that no one wants to win right now. Just my existence as an Australian national makes me less sustainable than most of the rest of the world. It is my mission to, through this adventure, show the world it is possible to have a great time traveling and living life in general whilst being as ethical sustainable as possible at the same time.

Full disclosure: I do like vegans I gave the diet a go once, I hope to get back to it one day. I think Vegans are onto something when it comes to living a sustainable lifestyle, sorry for making all these jokes at your expense, I'll stop now. 

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